Carl Zeiss Binoculair


A blc (Carl Zeiss) 12×60 (45°) binoculars. These binoculars were used by the German army in the 2nd World War for the air defense shield. They were also used by the Navy. Polished aluminum and steel, individually adjustable for each eye, adjustable for the distance between the eyes. Weight is 15kg. Internal filters present. This was used in very light snow or desert conditions. The folding front is a rain cover. The binoculars have been polished and the lenses and interior have been completely cleaned and serviced. These are 70 year old binoculars. When purchasing such binoculars, it is important to know whether the lenses have been serviced, clear and clean. Cleaning can only be done by specialists in this field. Blc was used by Carl Zeiss from Jena. During the war it became customary not to put the full name on instruments. They didn't want to let the enemy know where and by whom they were made. This is to prevent bombing of factories. Type: blc 12 x 60. Made between 1943 and 1945. Very clear, large and sharp image. 12x magnification with 60mm lens diameter. These Carl Zeiss lenses are clear! The viewer stands on a beautiful (later) adjustable tripod, which makes it an impressive whole. And practically usable. Unique piece.



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